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Proportion of population with access to electricity is the percentage of population with access to electricity. SDG7 ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Specifically, Indicator 7.1.1 refers to the proportion of population with access to electricity. This is expressed in percentage figures and is disaggregated by total, urban and rural access rates per country, as well as by UN regional and global classifications.

Method of computation

To estimate values, a multilevel nonparametric modelling approach—developed by the World Health Organization to estimate clean fuel usage—was adapted to predict electricity access and used to fill in the missing data points for the time period from 1990 onwards. Where data is available, access estimates are weighted by population. Multilevel nonparametric modelling considers the hierarchical structure of data (country and regional levels), using the regional classification of the United Nations.


Somali High Frequency Survey, SHDS