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The indicator measures the percentage of individuals in the population who have experienced food insecurity at moderate or severe levels during the reference period. The severity of food insecurity, defined as a latent trait, is measured on the Food Insecurity Experience Scale global reference scale, a measurement standard established by FAO through the application of the Food Insecurity Experience Scale in more than 140 countries worldwide, starting in 2014.

Method of computation

Data at the individual or household level is collected by applying an experience-based food security scale questionnaire within a survey. The food security survey module collects answers to questions asking respondents to report the occurrence of several typical experiences and conditions associated with food insecurity. The data is analysed using the Rasch model (also known as one-parameter logistic model, 1- PL), which postulates that the probability of observing an affirmative answer by respondent i to question j, is a logistic function of the distance, on an underlying scale of severity, between the position of the respondent, π‘Žπ‘– , and that of the item, 𝑏𝑗 . Prob{𝑋𝑖,𝑗 = Yes} = exp(π‘Žπ‘– βˆ’ 𝑏𝑗) Γ· 1 + exp(π‘Žπ‘— βˆ’ 𝑏𝑗)


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)