Overall stats about Goal 6 in Somalia
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targets with data available for at least one indicator

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indicators with data available for Somalia

indicator coverage for Goal 6 in Somalia


Somalia currenty has data on these targets for Goal 6.

Target 6.1

0/1 covered

Target 6.2

1/1 covered

Target 6.3

0/2 covered

Target 6.4

2/2 covered

Target 6.5

1/2 covered

Target 6.6

0/1 covered

Target 6.a

1/1 covered

Target 6.b

0/1 covered

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The percentage of the population practising open defecation is defined as the proportion of the population who usually don’t use any kind of toilet facility for defecation. Those using unimproved sanitation facilities like pit latrines without slab, open pit, or hanging latrines, are not counted as practising open defecation.

Method of computation

The production of estimates follows a consistent series of steps, which are explained in this and following sections: 1. Identification of appropriate national datasets 2. Extraction of data from national datasets into harmonized tables of data inputs 3. Use of the data inputs to model country estimates 4. Consultation with countries to review the estimates 5. Aggregation of country estimates to create regional and global estimates


KAP Survey, SHDS