SDG Consultation Workshop April 6 –7, 2022, Mogadishu, Somalia

Published on May 23, 2022

A consultation meeting on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was conducted by the Somali National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) where participants were drawn from across various government institutions. The objective of the workshop was to assess and learn about Somalia’s SDG performance as the country plans to present its first ever National Voluntary Review (VNR) to the United Nations.

The two-days event was also an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, insights and experiences on fast-tracking Somalia’s attainment towards the global goals, hence help the SNBS and other domestic stakeholders in the compilation of the Voluntary National Report which will be a historic milestone for Somalia.

The workshop was opened by the Deputy Director General, Abdirahman Dahir whose remarks revolved around the accessibility and availability of data in Somalia and the attendant challenges. He emphasized on SNBS’s assurance to play its part in ensuring the Government attains its commitments to implement the 2030 SDG Agenda. “SNBS will continue to work with all stakeholders to produce official statistics which are critical for measuring the realization of the global goals both at the national and regional levels”, remarked Mr Abdirahman.

The workshop also discussed about the progress being made by Somalia towards achieving the SDGs as well as ways to atone for existing data gaps, including the need to establish intra-governmental synergy that is key to implementing and pushing through the accomplishment of the 2030 Global Agenda.