Somalia Set to host Inaugural African Statistics Day Celebrations

Published on May 23, 2022

The Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) is set to host the inaugural African Statistics Day Celebrations on Thursday 18th November 2021. The African Statistics Day is an annual event celebrated to raise public awareness on the importance of statistics in all aspects of social and economic life.

The theme for this year is “Modernizing National Statistical Systems to support sociocultural development in Africa”, and was chosen to raise awareness among decision-makers, technical and financial partners, data producers and users, researchers, academicians, and the general public about the importance of data and statistics in the process of building back better and more inclusively, post COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking ahead of the event, SNBS Director-General Mr. Sharmarke Farah said that the the event will provide a platform for stakeholders including government agencies, federal member states, development partners and the private sector to chart the way forward in producing statistical information relevant to the current and emerging needs of data users. “Ensuring the relevance of our national data can only be accomplished through consultation with data users, data producers and other interested parties. In order to reach the different groups, many different consultative mechanisms are adopted. The African Statistics Day summit will provide us with a unique opportunity to meet and consult the stakeholders on transforming and modernizing our National Bureau of Statistics to adequately respond to all data demands,” Mr. Sharmarke Farah.

This transformation and modernization cover all areas of official statistics, including the institutional statistical environment, production processes, coordination, and collaboration. The event will provide a platform for stakeholders to create a body of knowledge to promote statistical development.